nega-wisp asked:

Do you have any tips for making models under 2000 tris?

if you want to set yourself a limit just look for lowpoly models with the aprox. same tri number and look at wireframe and try to reproduce it. there isnt any trick to lowpoly as far i know. just do your best to get the characteristics of your character show up with the few polygons you’re allowing yourself to use. if you end up having too many or few polygons in the end, retry while trying to add more or less polygons.

look for low poly models wireframes on the polycount forum, inspiration is the best advice.

kent-chan asked:

Hello! Just wondering if youre still open for low poly commissions right now?

Not at this time, no. I’m closing commissions for a few weeks. until things get a little clearer.

 I’ll notify it here when i open them back.